Fitness Coaching, Nutrition Guidance And

Accountability Program

To Easily Maintain A Body You're

Proud Of Year Round

We Make It Simple To Start A Fitness Routine

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Get A Plan

We'll provide a structured plan with steps that lead to your goals.

We Guide You Every Step

Love the way you look, get stronger, feel fit, and live a

healthier lifestyle.

Help You Stay Motivated

We hold you accountable, so you stay consistent even when life gets busy.

Transform Your Fitness

Love the way you look, get stronger, feel fit, and live a

healthier lifestyle.

To Achieve A Body You’re Proud Of And

Create A Consistent Routine, You Have To Start Small And

Learn The Basics

But There's A Problem...

👉 Motivating yourself year round is difficult and inconsistent

👉 There's fitness and nutrition information overload

👉 Exercising on your own gets boring and is too much effort

👉 What you've tried so far isn't working

👉 You're worried about form and if you could injure yourself

👉 You need a simple plan and more guidance to implement it

Everything You Need To Achieve A Body You're Proud Of

And Maintain It Year Round.

And For A Fraction Of The Cost Of A Personal Trainer.

Let Us Show You How You Can Have The Body You Want Even With A Busy Schedule

We understand what it feels like when you see a picture of yourself and don't recognize your body.

It can feel impossible to consistently be in shape with a busy schedule.

At Cannon Mine Fitness, we help you gain control of your fitness and stay committed to a healthier lifestyle, no matter how busy life gets.

Our Coaching Program Includes:

✅Dedicated Personal Coach

✅Access To Private Classes & Open Gym

✅Progress Check-Ins

✅Personalized Exercise Instruction

✅Body And Fitness Results Tracking

✅Goal Accountability

✅Simple 2-Step Nutrition Plan

✅Healthier Habit Implementation

Success Stories

  • “I’m so happy!! I’ve lost 11 lbs. of fat, gained 2lbs. of muscle and decreased my body fat by 4.6%. - Dan

  • “I have learned that I am a lot stronger physically and mentally than I gave myself credit. I appreciate the help of nurturing my personal growth.” - Rene

  • "I was doing things I didn’t even think was possible. I have lost fat, gained muscle, but most of all I feel happy with my body.” - Amanda

  • "This program has allowed me to live my best life by becoming a better me. " - Adam

  • "I have switched my mindset from being restrictive to growth minded and following a healthier, more balanced, lifestyle." -Katherine

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We’ll help you take the guesswork out of staying in shape so you can achieve your fitness goals. With our CMF coaching program, you will confidently exercise, meal plan, and stay committed to your goals, without spending a fortune on a personal trainer. Do you want help to transform your body and fitness?